Airplane pilots refer to Sequim as the “Blue Hole”. Sequim is within a rain shadow and is THE prime location within Washington State’s Banana Belt. We will try and help you find your perfect property in Sequim and the surrounding areas. We also serve the Port Angeles area as well.

The Sequim area has the driest Pacific Coast climate north of Los Angeles, California. The average annual precipitation is only 17 inches of rain per year.  Yes we do sometimes get some snow.

Average Summer Day : 72°F
Average Summer Night : 49°F
Average Winter Day : 42°F
Average Winter Night : 31°F
The above is a sample of what you have to look forward to when relocating to Sequim or becoming the owner of Sequim property. Our air quality is wonderful.

Exciting recreational activities are offered to everyone and every age including nut not limited to: Golf to Garage Sales; Sky Diving to Clam Digging; Sailing to Swimming; Varieties of Hunting for birds, big game, mushrooms; Fishing for salmon, trout, steelhead, halibut, crab, etc, etc…all within a short drive from Sequim!

Choose a direction! Traveling for approximately 2 hours creates a radius offering Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Olympic, Bellingham and Victoria B.C. via ferry ride.

At this writing there are 33 religious organizations in Sequim and over 150 fraternal, service and special interest groups, ranging from the T-Ball level of Little League Baseball to Emeritus and Retired branches of national organizations.

Clallam County supports “The Bus” system which serves the entire region. There is a connection to points in Jefferson County and Port Townsend. Monthly passes range from $18.00 – $54..00 It only costs $1.00 cash for a one way ride. Senior passes are between $18 and $54 per month. Taxi services are also available. Currently there is bus transportation to Sea-Tac International Airport daily.

Territorial Perspective
90% of Clallam County is owned by State and Federal Agencies, while approximately 5% is owned by large timber interests such as Merril and Ring, Weyerhauser etc. Our 13,000 acre valley is bounded by the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Olympic National Park, and Sequim Bay.

Sequim’s current population is 7,100, Outlying areas: 289,000 Clallam County: 75,500

Retirement Centers
There are a number of retirement centers in Sequim offering complete care, assisted living, or basic active retirement living. They are coupled with good medical facilities, security and a variety of home styles and floor plans along with the natural beauty of this place, makes Sequim and Port Angeles a top choice for retirement or just plain living. Of course there are also condos, townhouses, stick built homes and manufactured homes as well.

Medical Services
Scores of Emergency Medical Technicians
23 Paramedics
126 bed Olympic Memorial Hospital in Port Angeles
An excellent selection of physicians and dentists
5 competitive pharmacies and an outstanding cancer care facility.


Taxes and Utilities
No State income tax
Local sales tax is 8.8%
Local property tax is approximately 1.2% of assessment
Water charges vary with location. Water supplied from public and community systems to wells, both private and public.
Public Utility District (PUD) electric is 7.3 cents/KWH plus a monthly base rate of $29.69
No natural gas, however liquefied petroleum is available
Some areas are served by sewer systems others use on-site septic systems
Trash and garbage pick up are available in most places

City Manager/City Council
Sequim Police Department is backed up by volunteer reserves
Clallam County Sheriff and Washington State Patrol
Volunteer fire department has a full time chief and 23 paramedics and 47 emergency technicians (EMTs)

Communications and Media
The Sequim Gazette (weekly)
Peninsula Daily News (daily)
Wave Broadband
Various AM/FM radios stations over 80 miles radius
Multiple Internet providers from 28.8k to fiber optic service

There are 2,700 students in the public school system. Sequim has an excellent school system (K-12), recognized as one of the better districts in the State. Peninsula College (Port Angeles) curriculum offers a wide variety of both interest and academic courses. Adult and evening classes are offered in Sequim. The North Olympic library System Branch in Sequim accesses over 213,000 volumes of books, video tapes, audio cassettes, cds, dvds, phonographic records and talking books.

8 Full Service Banks
6 Grocery Stores
13 Mini-Storage Warehouses
Mobile home parks with temporary and long term rentals

If you have questions about Sequim or Port Angeles we will do our best to get the answers to you. Please feel free to contact us at anytime.