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The Olympic Game Farm Charms Visitors

Olympic Game FarmPerhaps you are new to the Sequim area, or you are just beginning your home search, and now you want to know what exciting amenities Sequim has in store for you.  Well, there’s one that is truly unique, and is fun to visit no matter your age.  Have you ever seen a bear wave to you?  Or been up close and personal with a buffalo’s tongue?  If you haven’t then it’s clear that you’ve yet to visit the charming Olympic Game Farm in Sequim.  It’s the perfect outing if you’re looking for something to do with young children or friends from out of town.  The Olympic Game Farm has been a staple on the Peninsula for over 40 years, and prides itself on providing opportunities for visitors to learn and observe wildlife.  We guarantee you will all leave with plenty of stories to be told for generations. Continue Reading