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The Best Hiking Near Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula

Hiking near sequim Hurricane Hill TrailThe hiking near Sequim is some of the best found on the Olympic Peninsula. The beautiful views and landscape includes lush forests, shimmering coastlines, and breathtaking mountain vistas. While the Olympic National Park offers a vast network of amazing trails to explore. The variety of paths and scenery inspires visitors to return year after year. Nestled between the Olympic mountains and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, find the charming town of Sequim. Located in the Olympic rain shadow, Sequim has a dry climate with more sunny days and mild temperatures. Plan a stop in Sequim on your next outdoor adventure for a post-hiking break or relaxing dinner.

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Why Photographers Love Sequim


photographer lens of forestPhotographers find their creative inspiration living in Sequim’s gorgeous landscape. Professionals and hobbyists alike love Sequim with its wealth of nature and wildlife photography opportunities. Landscape photographers capture the majestic Olympic mountains, serene forests and endless coastal views in gorgeous images. While patient artists snap amazing portraits of the local birds, sea mammals, and forest fauna. Sequim also has an active and welcoming arts community that includes many talented photographers. They are classes, workshops and seminars, in addition to the support and encouragement of fellow artists. And the natural beauty here offers endless subjects and scenes to spark the artistic spirit. Visits photogenic Sequim and be sure to bring your camera!

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