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A Simple Guide to Berry Picking at Graysmarsh Farm

Sequim is a quaint sunny town in Western Washington that’s great to visit or live in. From the fine weather and alluring attractions (think the Olympic Mountains, coastline, and Dungeness spit) to its fresh air and spectacular landscape, this stunning gem has so much to offer.  Each summer, we love gathering at local farms like Graysmarsh Farm for berry picking – it’s a time-honored tradition in the Pacific Northwest!

Outdoor enthusiasts are spoiled throughout the year here, too.  There are endless activities to engage in such as kayaking, biking, whale watching, hiking, fishing, flying, and golfing. Interested in making berry picking a yearly part of your life?  All you have to do is move to Sequim!  It’s an incredible place to live.  All you need to do is reach out to wonderful Sequim real estate agents for more information! Continue Reading

Sequim Events & Community Make Retirement Fulfilling

8 Sequim Events to Enjoy in RetirementOver the years, Sequim has earned itself quite a reputation for being a highly desirable place to retire. That is thanks in part to the incredible network of Sequim events and community activities that are available to you here.  It doesn’t hurt that it’s a truly beautiful (and sunny!) corner of the world, either.  People move from all over the world to Sequim to live out their golden years. We commonly get asked what IS it, exactly, that makes Sequim so desirable?

That’s a tough question to answer, but it’s one we’ll do our best to address.  It has to do with a lot of things, including the variety of Sequim events held each year, the vibrant community, the low crime rate, the relative affordability of Sequim homes, the sunny and dry weather that we enjoy (in Washington!), and the quaint and friendly nature of the stunning Pacific Northwest.  Whatever it is that’s a draw for you, let us help you plan for the most fulfilling retirement in Sequim possible.  Contact one of our Sequim Real Estate Agents today! Continue Reading

U-pick Berries on the Olympic Peninsula

basket of fresh strawberries at u-pick farmThe taste of sun ripened berries is one of the simple pleasures of summer. Plan a u-pick day at an idyllic Sequim farm on the Olympic Peninsula. Located in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, Sequim boasts more sunny days then other surrounding towns. So it’s no surprise that sunny Sequim has a choice of family owned berry farms to explore. The lush Dungeness Valley farmland, with views of the distant mountains, make a day of berry gathering a pure joy.

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Farmers Market Opening in Sequim May 4th

Children eating strawberries in U-pick fieldThe Sequim farmers market is celebrating 24 years of food, fun and a great community. The 2019 season began May 4th and it lasts until October 26th. It hosts over 60 vendors from the Olympic Peninsula. Most of the participating farms, artists and chefs are local to Sequim. Every Saturday, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, neighbors gather at the Civic Center Plaza in the center of downtown Sequim for a festive atmosphere. When visiting the beautiful Olympic Peninsula, stop by the charming town of Sequim. The farmers market is a great place to stock up on hiking provisions or grab a tasty lunch.

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Berry Season Sweetens Summer in Sequim

hands holding fresh berriesTasting a sun-warmed berry brings back childhood memories of lazy summer days. And Sequim farms are abundant with a wide variety of berries this season. Our moderate temperatures and sunny days are great conditions for growing these sweet treats. Strawberries kick off the berry season in early June and tart blueberries wrap it up in September. All summer long our organic farms offer many berry choices along with other fresh produce. The bounty of the Sequim-Dungeness Valley makes healthy cooking and eating a pleasure for locals. Any foodie will enjoy visiting Sequim’s lively farmers market, beautiful berry farms, and overflowing farm stands. Come out and share our sweet summer harvest!

U-Pick Berry Farms

Treat the family to an afternoon of berry picking on a picturesque farm. The berry season last from June to August and an assortment of yummy berries grow in and around Sequim. June and July are strawberry, raspberry and loganberry season. While blueberries, boysenberries and blackberries are late summer crops.picking fresh berries

Graysmarsh Farm is a locally owned and operated farm located in Sequim. They invite visitors to stroll their lovely farm and pick basket-fulls of fresh berries. Their U-Pick opens around the second week of June but check their website for the exact date. Dungeness Meadow Farm has lush, organic blueberry fields. They usually open mid-July until mid-August and are open 3-5 days a week during that time. A bit further out find Blueberry Haven Farm in Port Angeles. This blueberry and apricot farm opens its u-pick season the first week in August. Makes some magical summer memories berry hunting on a idyllic farm with amazing views of the Olympic Mountains.

Farmers Markets and Stands with Berries

Every Saturday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Sequim hosts a wonderful farmers market. This fun event runs from May to October and includes local farms, artists and food vendors. If you’re looking for berries this can be a great way to visit several produce stands. Graysmarch Farm sells their berries and homemade preserves at the market, Fresh Organically grown blackberries and strawberries for sale at the farmers' market.and stop by Emily’s Flowers booth for berries as well.

Nash’s Organic Produce attends the Sequim Farmers Market but also has an impressive farm store. Their 600 acre farm grows vegetables, berries and fruit trees with a commitment to the best organic produce. River Run Farm raises organic vegetables, berries and flowers along the Dungeness River near Sequim. Their produce can be found at their farm stand, farmers markets and local grocery stores.

Plan a weekend in Sequim this summer picking fresh berries and visiting our many beautiful farms. Stroll our fun and festive farmers market and afterwards shop Sequim’s charming downtown. Our many wonderful restaurants included local, farm fresh ingredients on their menus. Perhaps your after dinner dessert will have berries from the same farm you visited that day. The local pride in our farming community makes Sequim a very special place to live and a very tasty one as well. Contact one of our friendly agents to find your own piece of heaven to grow a beautiful garden.


Treasures Abound at the Sequim Farmers Market

Sequim Farmers MarketWe love to share our charming town of Sequim with people that are looking to move here or have recently relocated. The reasons for which we love Sequim so much are different for everyone. However, a simple glance around the greater Sequim-Dungeness Valley during the beautiful months of spring will probably give you a glimpse into the special personality that is Sequim.  This charming, quiet valley is undeniably beautiful, surrounded by the jagged peaks of the Olympics and the sparkling waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  The joy of spring is evident on the faces around town, particularly at Sequim’s ever popular Farmers Market.  The Sequim Farmers Market is the heartbeat of this small community during the spring and summer months, and is a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.  Once the spirit of Sequim captivates you, Contact our Real Estate Agents and we’ll help you settle in to a new life on the Olympic Peninsula.

Sequim’s Farmers Market

The Sequim Farmers Market, the largest of its kind on the Olympic Peninsula, opened on May 7th, and will run through the end of October.  This wonderful farmers market reflects the unique personality that is Sequim. Every Saturday, you can enjoy live music and meet the eclectic group of farmers, artisans, food processors and food vendors that call the market home.  In total, there are over 60 vendors on the streets each Saturday, making the market a great place to enjoy the bountiful produce and artisinal goods produced in the Sequim Valley.  The Farmers Market is a wonderful place to find fresh farm goods for the week, including meats, fresh ground flour, produce and plants, but it’s also a wonderful place to find those small treasures that make perfect gifts for friends and family.

Sequim Farmers MarketAmong the favorite vendors at the Farmers Market this year are Bear Creak Creations, Dungeness gold, Garry Flynn’s Honey, Let’s Do Lavender, Nash’s Organic Produce, Smoothie Essentials, Victoria Wickell Watercolors, and so much more!  If you’re hungry, the Farmers Market is also a wonderful place to grab breakfast or lunch–or maybe both!  Delicious food vendors at the market include Billy Bob’s BBQ and The Cajun Kitchen.  You can also satisfy your sweet tooth with market favorite We Do fudge. No many how many times you visit the Sequim Farmers Market, or how many hours you spend with us each Saturday, there’s no doubt that you’ll walk away with some new favorite treasures all while enjoying this vibrant community hub at the heart of Sequim.

Sequim Irrigation Festival

Sequim Irrigation FestivalThough tourism is now a thriving part of Sequim’s modern economy, this wasn’t always the case. Though Sequim had a good natural port and abundant seafood for the Native American populations and early settlers that lived here, the Sequim valley and prairies itself were arid and dry. Though the low levels of rainfall and consistent sunshine are a celebrated aspect of life in Sequim today, it certainly made farming difficult for the increasing numbers of settlers populating the valley.  In 1896, though, Sequim’s course changed with the development of the area’s first irrigation ditches from the Dungness River.  As Real Estate agents in the charming town of Sequim, we always keep abreast of the fun and exciting things going on around town, and that includes the incredible Irrigation Festival that starts next week.   Continue Reading

Spring Blossoms in Sequim

Spring Blossoms SequimAs Real Estate Agents, we’re so often asked what it is that makes Sequim such a special place to live. The answers are varied and complex, just like the wonderful people that call this sunny little piece of the Olympic Peninsula home.  However, a simple glance around the greater Sequim-Dungeness Valley in Sequim during the beautiful months of spring will probably give you a glimpse into the special personality that is Sequim.  This charming, quiet valley is undeniably beautiful as the sun comes up over the rugged peaks of the Olympic Mountains, sparkling along the rippling shores of the Straits of Juan de Fuca.  Everywhere you look, Sequim is in blossom.  From the early buds on Sequim’s Lavender farms to the wildflowers painting the hills of the Olympics, Sequim is a vibrant, colorful valley of spring time joy. Come see what life in Sequim is like for yourself, and you’ll soon understand the pull it has. Contact our Sequim Real Estate Agents when you’re ready to move. Continue Reading