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Sequim is a Great Retirement Destination for Pilots!

Over the years, we’ve talked a lot about planning for a great retirement in Sequim. Sequim is rated as one of the best retirement destinations in the world, thanks in part to its weather, its small but vibrant and active community, its affordability and low crime rates, and its amenities.  But did you also know Sequim is a great place to retire for pilots?  It’s true!

Whether you just fly for fun or are leaving a long and distinguished career, Sequim is the perfect place for pilots to retire.  Of course, the natural beauty of the Olympic Peninsula is beautiful from the air, but it goes far deeper than that. The weather here is spectacular for flying, but there are also a few small airports and flying clubs in the area, which makes it an ideal destination for pilots.

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See Why Pilots Love Flying in Sequim

Small plane flying against a blue sky sunny day.If flying is your passion, then Sequim is the perfect setting for your next adventure. We have a wealth of natural beauty including: a sparkling coastline, expansive forests and the stunning Olympic Mountains. All these gorgeous sites can be enjoyed by hiking, biking and boating. But some Sequim residents know the best views are from high in the air. Not only is our scenery spectacular, we also have the perfect weather for flying. Afterall pilots gave Sequim its nickname the “Blue Hole”. Our dry weather consistently creates the favorable conditions needed for VFR approaches and this is why Sequim has become a destination for aviators. Here the freedom of flying is a way of life.

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