How to Get a “Sold” Sign in Your Yard

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How to Get a “Sold” Sign in Your Yard

The time has come to put your home on the market, and all of sudden, you’re not sure what to do next as you prepare your home to sell. The list of projects you could jump into is a mile long and can be particularly stressful to tackle during the pandemic. How can you quickly whip your home into shape while following strict coronavirus guidelines? These resources from Schwab Realty can help. 

Coronavirus Conscious

During and after the pandemic, many have wondered if selling their home is a good idea, what with travel restrictions and the health of both buyers and sellers during open houses. If the market, as hot as it is, is any indicator, the answer is “Yes!” But there are certain steps to take when it comes time to interact.

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Boost Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is first seen by potential buyers on the outside of the home, which means you’ll want to keep up with your lawn and landscaping. If the yard looks more like a lumber yard because of all the fallen limbs and possibly a tree, make sure you get a qualified tree removal service to your property ASAP.

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Update the Interior

Is your home’s interior a bit dated? If so, you can give it a refresh beyond a quick paint job that won’t break the bank.

Declutter and Stage

The key to showing your home is to present it as a space that potential buyers can easily see themselves living in. Before the first open house — whether it’s virtual or in-person — get rid of unnecessary clutter, which will open up rooms and free up space.

Getting your home to sell quickly is a tall order, especially when you have to dedicate more time to keeping the house clean and safe for buyers. But these resources will give you a great head start. Just look at the house as if you were a potential buyer, and this will give you a good idea of what you need to do. Here’s hoping the sign in the yard will flip from “For Sale” to “Sold!” faster than you can imagine.