Settling Into Your Sequim Neighborhood

Settling into a new town can seem both overwhelming and exciting. However, it’s easy to become completely lost when it’s time to find the important services you’re used to. With that in mind, the Schwab Realty team (the best Sequim real estate agents!) has assembled this helpful list of important things in and around Sequim, Washington, that can help you and your family feel right at home in no time!

Housekeeping Items

Public Utilities

DMV Services

Update Your Automobile Insurance

Find Top-Rated Auto Repair Shops

Lawn Care

How to Declutter and Decorate at the Same Time

Set Up Your Business in Sequim

Finding a New Office Space for Your Business

Legal Tips on Moving Your Business Out-of-State

Important Marketing Strategies for Relocating a Business to Another State

Logistics of Moving the Business to Another State

LLC Information You Need to Keep in Mind

Find Local Connections


Find a Pediatrician/Doctor

Find a Local Pet Sitter in

Find a Church

Nonprofits and Charities/Volunteer Information

Get Active

Best Sequim Golf Courses



This list of resources only scratches the surface, but it’s enough to point you in the right direction as you settle into your new Sequim home. Welcome!

Image via Pexels

Dan Hall is the founder of Dads Change, a community of dads who want to show their support for fathers everywhere. He hopes the information and support provided by Dads Change helps community members on the hard days and serves as a reminder about why being a father is the gift of a lifetime.