5 Reasons to choose our Sequim Real Estate Agents in 2021

Though our home real estate office is located in the charming town of Sequim, our Sequim Real Estate Agents actually serve the entire Olympic Peninsula, including the towns of Port Angeles and Port Townsend.  Our Sequim Real Estate Agents have been serving the communities of the Olympic Peninsula since 1986, which means we have decades of experience in real estate marketing up here.  That gives us an incredible range of knowledge not just about current homes and properties on the market, but about the communities you’ll be living in, too. It’s this experience that is invaluable, and which makes us the best Sequim Real Estate Agents to work with in 2021.

The corporate work environment with big cities to the east of us, like Seattle and Tacoma, and even in some other areas in Oregon and California and beyond, have changed dramatically over the course of 2020.  What this means, effectively, is that more and more people are able and willing to work remotely.  In response, we’ve seen a rapid influx of people to the Olympic Peninsula over the course of 2020, and expect that trend to continue in 2021.

At Schwab Realty, we serve a broad range of clientele, including those who are looking for all types of residential properties, land, commercial, farms, ranches, businesses, and investments. Aside from our deep knowledge about the area, one thing that consistently sets our Sequim Real Estate Agents apart from the rest is the dedication we show to each and every one of our clients. Get started on your new life, and contact one of our incredible Sequim real estate agents today!

Get to Know the Olympic Peninsula

What’s not to love about the Olympic Peninsula?  From the moment you first lay eyes on the crisp, white peaks of the Olympic Mountain Range, or the sparkling blue waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca on a sunny day, we think you’ll fall in love.  We know we did!  But did you know that there is so much more to the communities of the Olympic Peninsula than their stunning natural beauty?  It’s true!  Each of them has its own unique sense of character and charms, and each would make an absolutely delightful place to resettle.

Getting ready to move? Reach out to our Sequim Real Estate Agents today!


Though we love the town of Sequim and think there are a lot of reasons to consider purchasing a home here, there are plenty of other communities worth looking into as well.  Sequim has long been a very popular retirement destination and is loved by all for its limited rainfall and a high number of sunny days. It’s definitely not the normal dreary Pacific Northwest you might be thinking of up here! Sequim also happens to be a pretty wonderful community, with a great variety of shops, restaurants, artistic venues, a broad range of healthcare specialists, exceptional opportunities for recreation, a vibrant and engaged senior population, and plenty of retirement communities to choose from.

Moreover, the Olympic Peninsula as a whole is a great place to raise families, Sequim included.  The Sequim real estate market is plenty competitive, but the average house price is relatively affordable, especially compared to Seattle and neighboring communities.  More and more young families are choosing to move their families to the west, embracing life in the substantially more rural Olympic Peninsula. Let our Sequim real estate agents know if Sequim is the right fit for you!

Port Angeles

With world-class attractions like the Hurricane Ridge, Lake Crescent, the Elwah River, and the ferries to Victoria, B.C, Port Angeles is definitely the most engaging and outgoing of towns on the Olympic Peninsula.  This is often where the outdoor adventurers land because there are so many incredible and nearby opportunities for things like hiking, biking, fishing, boating, and more.

On the other side, Port Angeles is also a great place for life’s other pursuits, like shopping, arts & culture, family-friendly activities, and more. It’s also a great jumping-off point for day trips, with the unbelievable coastal beaches within easy driving distance. Port Angeles is also a wonderful place to raise kids and immerse yourself in the culture of the Pacific Northwest. You can read our blog about all of the great things to do in Port Angeles here. Is Port Angeles more your style?  Let our Sequim Real Estate Agents help you find your next home!

Port Townsend

If you’re looking for a fun, quirky, and progressive place to live, you’ll want to consider Port Townsend. This historically charming Victoria Seaport also oozes charm and is a popular place for romantic getaways and adventures.  Port Townsend is also home to world-class attractions like Fort Worden and Fort Flager State Parks, and the community is host to the annual Wooden Boat Festival and a thriving arts community.  It’s a wholesome and diverse community that does a wonderful job of supporting families.

Port Townsend is also the embankment point for a visit to Whidbey Island, which makes it easy to get out and explore your new home. You can read more about this quaint town and get a feel for some of the things to do here. If you’re ready to make to the move to this hip and trendy town, let our Sequim Real Estate Agents know!

Getting ready to move? Reach out to our Sequim Real Estate Agents today!

The Best Sequim Real Estate Agents for 2021

Schwab Realty, owned and operated by Leland Schwab, is home to 4 of the best Sequim real estate agents.  They aren’t just limited to Sequim, though, as the office serves real estate clients all over the Olympic Peninsula. Combined, their knowledge about the real estate market and the communities they serve is unbeatable, which will no doubt give you the upper hand in your next real estate adventure.

Whether you want to focus on fixer-uppers, foreclosures, starter homes, low-down payment properties, condominiums, or something else entirely, we think the Olympic Peninsula is a great place to start looking for your next home. We currently have listed several homes and properties for sale, and there are many more that we’d love to show you when you’re ready. Our team of experts would be thrilled to help you navigate the real estate market over the course of 2021. Contact us for more information today!