A Housewarming Wish List That Works for Everyone

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Help With Your Dream Home: A Housewarming Wish List That Works for Everyone

You survived the financing, negotiating and inspections, and now the house of your dreams is really yours. Now, it’s time to start moving in and filling all that space. This is where your housewarming gift list comes in handy … for everyone. It’s a good deal: you make it easy on friends and family by specifying what you want, and you get what you need. Everybody’s happy.

Your loved ones want to give you something that’s both useful and serves as a lasting reminder of their care for you. No one wants to give some impersonal object that doesn’t require any thought or creativity. So give it some consideration. There are plenty of things you can ask for that are both practical and meaningful. The more personal the idea, the better because it’ll make your friends and  relatives feel like they’ve given you something that really matters to you.

Anything goes

You’re starting from scratch, so the sky’s the limit — anything from a Roku TV streaming device to a decorative vase for your entryway. If you’re of a practical mindset, ask for a new set of bedsheets (they always come in handy), a new serving tray or a unique and attractive set of coasters.

It’s amazing how much an object that seems innocuous, like a footstool or hat rack, can help dress up your home’s interior. An upholstered ottoman makes a cheerful and interesting addition to your living room. 

Spruce it up

Even if you’re still figuring out how to decorate your home, there are lots of things you can do that will add aesthetic appeal. Fresh plants and flowers say “welcome” like few things can, though remember that plants will last longer but require constant care.

Don’t forget about your front door. A colorful wreath, either handmade or purchased, can complement your home’s exterior and make a positive first impression on guests. A customized welcome mat is a fun way to greet visitors with a little kitsch and good humor.

Nothing wrong with knick-knacks

Small, well-placed accents throughout your house lend a sense of grace that’ll impress, even if you can’t afford to fill every room with pricey antiques and high-end furniture. Book-ends are a great way to dress things up a bit with affordable but elegant objects that can be made of just about any substance, natural or synthetic.

Most new homeowners have plenty of wall space to fill, but it’s easy to end up with something you just don’t like (what’s more uncomfortable than having to explain to your uncle why the print of dogs playing poker he gave isn’t proudly displayed?). Instead, ask for a gift card to an online vendor like Framebridge so you can find something that actually suits your tastes.

Tech savvy

Use your wish list to add some smart, budget-friendly devices to your new home. At $29, the Google Nest Mini can be the personal assistant you’ve always wanted, capable of playing music and responding to various commands.

Still need to subscribe to an internet provider? There’s no harm in wishing for someone to pitch in with the initial costs, or asking for assistance with the setup. Having a consistently reliable connection with fast speeds can make settling into your new home much easier.

A helping hand

The most personal gift of all is the one your nearest and dearest provide with their own hands. Why not ask for help arranging furniture in your new house or greeting the guy who’s delivering your new couch or fridge? If that won’t work, how about asking for service from a contractor for various home improvement projects, such as a garage makeover?

As you think through your wish list, remember that it’s an opportunity to get a jump start on the designing, arranging and refining that’ll make your home definitively your own. You can accomplish a lot with a well-conceived wish list.

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