Sequim is a Great Retirement Destination for Pilots!

Over the years, we’ve talked a lot about planning for a great retirement in Sequim. Sequim is rated as one of the best retirement destinations in the world, thanks in part to its weather, its small but vibrant and active community, its affordability and low crime rates, and its amenities.  But did you also know Sequim is a great place to retire for pilots?  It’s true!

Whether you just fly for fun or are leaving a long and distinguished career, Sequim is the perfect place for pilots to retire.  Of course, the natural beauty of the Olympic Peninsula is beautiful from the air, but it goes far deeper than that. The weather here is spectacular for flying, but there are also a few small airports and flying clubs in the area, which makes it an ideal destination for pilots.

If retirement is on your mind as we head into a New Year, then perhaps it’s time to reach out to one of our knowledgeable Sequim Real Estate Agents, and get started finding your next dream home? Contact us today!

5 Reasons Pilots Love to Retire in Sequim

Pilots that have had the pleasure of flying over the Olympic Peninsula have given the skies above Sequim a special nickname – “the blue hole.”  You can probably guess what that means, but the weather in Sequim, thanks to the rainshadow effect of the Olympic Mountains, means unusually blue and dry skies overhead.  This dry weather means pretty reliable VFR approaches and unprecedented freedom for pilots in the generally wet and gray Pacific Northwest.

See Why Pilots Love to Retire in Sequim!

The weather isn’t the only thing that keeps pilots in the air during retirement in Sequim.  Here are 5 more reasons pilots love to call Sequim home in their later years:

  1. There are 8 private airports and heliports in the Sequim area, and a thriving community of pilots and aviation enthusiasts to complement them.
  2. The Sequim Valley Airport is a public airport serving the area since 1983.  Here, you’ll enjoy access to the 3500-foot paved and lighted runway. They offer aircraft refueling, flight training, and tie-downs as well.
  3. Sequim is home to the Experimental Aircraft Association, which is hosted at the Sequim Valley Airport and is a volunteer group filled with aviation enthusiasts.  You’ll have a built-in community in Sequim from the moment you move here! This group hosts monthly meetings, and they also support Young Eagles Flights, which introduces young people in the community to the world of aviation.  You can be a part of inspiring the next generation of pilots to take to the skies!
  4. While it’s important to have access to the things you love in retirement, it’s also important to be supported by a vibrant community.  Sequim is exactly that, with a large and active population of retirees.  Not only this, but the town is filled with amenities that retirees love, including golf courses, community theater, a retirement center, gyms, outdoor recreation, and so much more!
  5. Sequim is home to state of the art medical care, which is an important consideration when living further away from large metropolitan cities.

See Why Pilots Love to Retire in Sequim!

More than a Place to Retire; A Place to Live!

As you can see, there’s plenty awaiting you in retirement in Sequim, especially if you’re a pilot with a deep love of flying that you aren’t ready to give up.  But that’s really not all Sequim has to offer.  It’s truly an incredible place to live, with plenty to see, do, and enjoy year-round. If retirement is in your future, isn’t it time you come see for yourself why so many pilots have chosen to make Sequim their home?

With so many flying opportunities, fly-in/fly-out communities, and a welcoming community ready to welcome you, your retirement will be anything but boring! Contact our friendly team of brokers, and we will help you find that perfect place – maybe even with a landing strip – or the land to install one at the very least – of your own!