Discover Olympic National Park This Fall

The Olympic National Park is world-renowned for its pristine access to nature, offering some of the most picturesque scenery in the country. The Olympic National Park spreads across the entire Olympic Peninsula, offering access to a diverse wilderness. In fact, we think the sheer diversity of the park, whether it’s in elevation, ecosystem, history, or something else entirely is one of its most endearing and special qualities.

From glacier-capped mountains to a stunning (and wild!) coastline, the Olympic National Park is certainly worth exploring. Whether you’re new to the area or have lived here for a lifetime already, there’s also no shortage of new things to see, new places to explore, and new facets of this incredible park to enjoy. Over 95% of the Olympic National Park is a dedicated wilderness, which makes it one of the largest protected wilderness areas in the country. As such, it’s important you know how to protect these sacred lands, so they can be enjoyed by generations to come.

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The Best Things to do in Olympic National Park

There’s certainly no shortage of things to do in the Olympic National Park, whether you’re into hiking and backing, enjoying the scenery from the comfort of your car, witnessing the power of mother nature, fishing, or just appreciating the peaceful solitude of this special place. This list is by no means complete, but here are 10 of our favorite things to do in the Olympic National Park:

The Best Things to do in the Olympic National Park

  1. Visit Hurricane Ridge, which is the most easily accessed mountain area within Olympic National Park. The views here are absolutely spectacular, especially on clear and sunny days.
  2. Explore the Hoh Rainforest, where you’ll witness a dense and lush green canopy of trees, often blanketed by mosses and ferns.
  3. Take a hike!  There are so many great ones that it’s nearly impossible to list them all.  Some are great for day hikes and even more are perfect for longer backpacking trips.  Perennial favorites include Hurricane Hill, Grand Pass, the Bailey Range, Royal Basin, Obstruction Point, Marymere Falls, Mount Storm King, and 7 Lakes Basin Loop or Sol Duc Falls.
  4. Head to the coastal beaches, many of which are part of the Olympic National Park. The beaches are absolutely gorgeous, with plenty of opportunities for hiking, tide-pooling, and just relaxing and enjoying the view. For some coastal hiking head to the Ozette Triangle, Point of the Arches (Shi Shi Beach).
  5. There are some great rivers in the Olympic National Park suitable for whitewater rafting and kayaking.  They are the Elwah River (best for paddling), the Hoh River, the Queets River, the Quinalt River (the most challenging), and the Sol Duc River. For calmer waters, take a kayaking trip on any of the lakes in the park, including Lake Quinalt, Lake Cresent, and Lake Ozette.
  6. With 75 miles of Pacific Coast, 600 lakes, and 4,000 miles of rivers, there’s plenty of opportunity for fishing in the Olympic National Park.
  7. Enjoy some of the many animals that call the Olympic National Park Home.  Wildlife viewing is a popular activity in the park, and includes things like deer, elk, birds, whales, and so much more!
  8. If you’ve ever wondered what a truly dark night sky looks like, then you need to head into the  Olympic National Park. The dark skies here are truly spectacular, whether views at the Hurricane Ridge Astronomy Center or elsewhere in the vast wilderness.
  9. Take a scenic drive around the varied terrain of the Olympic National Park!
  10. In the winter, experience the park in a whole new way.  There are plenty of trails open for snowshoeing and cross country skiing, and there’s traditional downhill skiing and snowboarding available seasonally at Hurricane Ridge.

The Best Things to do in the Olympic National Park

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