Visit a Sequim Lavender Farm This Summer

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly had a dramatic impact on communities around the world, and that includes Sequim.  For the first time since it’s beginnings, Sequim won’t be hosting it’s annual Lavender Festival. Despite this disappointing turn of events, you can still come up here and visit a Sequim Lavender Farm this summer.  And, while you’re here, you can enjoy a variety of other wonderful things to do on the Olympic Peninsula, all with appropriate levels of social distancing.

One of the best things about making the trip up to the Olympic Peninsula this summer, aside from the chance to visit a Sequim lavender farm, is being immersed in such impressive natural beauty.  The scenery here is really out of this world, and it’s best enjoyed out in nature; which is to say it’s best enjoyed with a healthy dose of social distancing.  Whether you are considering making a move to the Olympic Peninsula or are just curious and want to explore, we hope you make the trip up here this summer.  If you have any questions or would like help finding your dream home, our Real Estate Agents are here to help.  Contact us today!

You Can Still Visit a Sequim Lavender Farm This Year

If like us, you were disappointed by the news that the Sequim Lavender Festival for 2020 was canceled, you might be looking for other ways to enjoy this unique and beautiful part of Sequim’s heritage.  You’re in luck!  Visiting a Sequim lavender farm is still well within the realm of possibilities this summer.  In fact, this might just be one of the best years to visit them!  They’ll surely need some support from the community, but this year gives you your best opportunity to enjoy a visit to a Sequim lavender farm without the heavy crowds that are normally here during the summer.

Visit a Sequim Lavender Farm Today

The warm and temperate climate of Sequim is surprisingly perfect for Lavender plants and is similar to the climate you’d find in the Provence Region of France.  Sequim typically enjoys more blue-sky sunny days that other cities in the Pacific Northwest, thanks to its location in the rainshadow of the Olympic Mountains.  With less rain and generally dry weather, the lavender plants thrive, painting Sequim’s hills their signature purple hues every summer. These fields are truly a delight as you drive, bike, or walk through Sequim, and this summer is a great opportunity to see it for yourself.

Right now is the perfect time to visit a local Sequim Lavender farm, too.  Usually, the first hints of purple start to appear in the fields around the middle-end of June, and by late July the fields are in full bloom.  Sequim’s lavender farms are family-owned, and they love to share their passion with visitors.  There are plenty of farms to choose from in the area, but here are a few of our favorite Sequim lavender farms:

  1. Purple Haze Lavender
  2. Olympic Lavender Heritage Farm
  3. Washington Lavender Farm
  4. Jardin de Soleil Lavender Farm
  5. B&B Family Farm
  6. Fleurish Lavender of Lost Mountain
  7. Victor’s Lavender

There’s a great driving guide to Sequim lavender farms, as well as a biking guide along the Sequim Lavender Trail, so you can choose your own adventure.  We also invite you to visit many of Sequim’s lavender gift shops featuring incredible products made from local lavender. They are wonderful places to pick up gifts!

Visit a Sequim Lavender Farm Today

Plan for the 2021 Sequim Lavender Festival

Now is also a great time to plan for next year’s Sequim Lavender Festival!  The festival always takes place on the 3rd weekend of July, so even though festival events haven’t been scheduled yet that far out, it’s never too early to clear your calendar and make your reservations.  Unfortunately, this year’s Tour de Lavender bike race on August 1st has also been canceled, but it’s yet another great event you can look forward to next year.

In the meantime, we hope you still make the trip up to Sequim this summer to experience each Sequim Lavender Farm in an entirely new light.  We think you’ll enjoy the adventure just as much as ever.  And when you’re ready for more things to do in the Olympic Peninsula, refer to a recent blog we wrote about exactly that.