Sequim Weather is Ideal for Retirement

Beautiful senior couple enjoy the Sequim weather standing with bicycles in sunshineThe amazing Sequim weather tops most lists of the best reasons to live in this charming coastal city on the Olympic Peninsula. Residents enjoy mild and sunny weather most of the year with an annual average rainfall of only 17 inches. The wonderful Sequim weather has also earned the town two nicknames; “Sunny Sequim” and “The Blue Hole.” While the first nickname is clear, you might be scratching your head about the meaning of “The Blue Hole.” Local pilots use the name to describe the perfect landing conditions the Sequim weather creates. Recreation, such as flying, boating, biking, and hiking are all enjoyed year-round in the ideal Sequim weather.

The excellent Sequim weather also appeals to those looking for the perfect retirement location. The city has one of the highest percentages of seniors in the state at 37.0%, and the great weather is a big factor in attracting them. While the lack of rain and abundant sunny days are wonderful, the mild temperatures in the winter also mean no snow or ice to clear away on cooler mornings. The mild winters don’t turn into sweltering summers. The summers are also mild, cooled by the breezes from the Straits of Juan de Fuca. This creates a type of Goldilocks effect where it’s never too hot or too cold to enjoy the outdoors in the Sequim weather.

Lastly, Sequim is also the perfect place for people who love the changing seasons. Unlike hot and humid southern beach locations, the Sequim landscape explodes with the color of springtime wildflowers, summer lavender farms and brilliant fall foliage. If Sequim residents miss the snow, they visit it skiing or snowshoeing at Hurricane Ridge. The staff at Schwab Realty are ready to help you explore the great city of Sequim, Washington and find out why this could be the place you were looking for all along.

What Creates the Perfect Sequim Weather

Purple Lawn Chair In Lavender Field in the sunny Sequim weatherEveryone knows that the Sequim weather is pretty spectacular but what conditions create the “Blue Hole?” Sequim sits in a sweet spot within the Olympic Rain Shadow. As moisture is carried in clouds from the Pacific Ocean towards Sequim they’re blocked by the Olympic Mountains. This moisture-laden air cools as it travels up the mountains, then turns to snow at the peaks. Once the weather pattern reaches Sequim most of the moisture is gone resulting in very little or no rain. This dryer, sunnier climate is known as the rain shadow effect.

The Sequim weather also has a very nice comfort level. This not only means mild temperatures that are not too cold or hot but also low humidity. Since Sequim is a coastal town it also enjoys an oceanic climate that makes for cool and comfortable summers. Since the weather is cool and dry the perceived humidity level in Sequim stays pretty close to 0% all year. So grab a light jacket and your sunglasses when you come out to visit sunny Sequim!

Beautiful Sequim weather with view out to Dungeness Spit with trees framing the view , covered with driftwood on the coast of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington the Strait of Juan de Fuca in Dungeness National Wildlife RefugeOn top of the amazing Sequim weather, the area offers great recreation with stunning views. Those who enjoy hiking, running or just quiet walks in the woods love the countless parks and trails all around Sequim. The motor-free, paved Olympic Discovery Trail offers cyclists miles of scenic and safe pedaling through multiple towns including Sequim. Sequim Bay, the striking Dungeness Spit, and the Straits of Juan de Fuca provide kayaking, boating, fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities. Retired residents also love meeting up for a game of golf, a birding group or a local book club. Sequim’s fun downtown has great restaurants, lively gallery walks, shops, and cafes. Sequim is truly a retirement paradise and our wonderful brokers at Schwab Realty are waiting to show you around.