Why the Low Cost of Living in Sequim Matters

Saving money and low cost of living concept with tiny houses on different size stacks of coinsA low cost of living may not be the first thing that pops into your head when thinking of Sequim, Washington. Many imagine wide open lavender fields with the snow-capped Olympic Mountains in the background. Sequim’s famous Dungeness Spit, stretching 6.8 miles into the sparkling Strait of Juan de Fuca, might also come to mind. While the year-round sunny and mild weather draws people to sunny Sequim. However, the low cost of living was also a key ingredient for many when purchasing their home here. 

The two major factors the make the cost of living low in Sequim are the reasonable home prices and relatively low taxes. Sequim has the perfect home for anyone, from retirees to young families. With an average price of around $300,000, homeownership is very attainable in the Sequim area. In addition to affordable home prices, local property and sales taxes remain low as well. And of course, all Washington residents enjoy no state income tax. 

Along with a low cost of living, Sequim also has a wonderful community with amazing amenities. The charming, walkable town center has great restaurants, shops, galleries, and pubs. Locals love to play outdoors in the ideal year-round weather. Sequim’s beautiful coastline, biking trails, and surrounding mountains offer adventures kayaking, hiking or pedaling in the stunning landscape. Sequim has everything that makes a wonderful hometown. Let our wonderful team at Schwab Realty show you around sunny Sequim and help you find the perfect place.

3 Ways a Low Cost of Living Improves your Life

The low cost of living in Sequim makes the city a wonderful place to find a reasonably priced home in one of the most beautiful settings in Washington. The affordable housing prices along with low taxes help residents live comfortably within their means. This not only improves your bank account but your life in general:

  1. Owning a HomeHomeownership and cost of living and Couple Facing and Pointing to Front of For Sale Real Estate Sign and House The low cost of living makes homeownership a reality in Sequim, while it’s completely out of reach in other areas. Why throw money into the black hole of renting, when you can build an investment owning your own home? Have complete control over your housing costs and never deal with landlords increasing the rent each year. Also customize, decorate, landscape and improve your house to fit your needs and tastes. Everything you put into your own home is yours forever, be it money or hard work.
  2. Build Savings – Did you know that around a quarter of Americans have no savings at all? With the rising costs of housing, food, and other necessities it’s understandable that people simply cannot save. A low cost of living gives Sequim residents peace of mind and the ability to save for an unexpected expense. Additionally, a healthy savings offers the flexibility to splurge and take that dream vacation or buy a special gift for a loved one.
  3. Enjoying Life – While the saying that money cannot buy happiness is true, a lower cost of living does make life less stressful and more enjoyable. The financial stability it creates gives you the freedom to spend money on what brings joy to you. Sequim offers its residents an endless choice of wonderful ways to enjoy a carefree life. With a low cost of living buying a home concept with real estate sold sign with red brick building and trees blurry in the backgroundThe locals here love to spend their free time golfing, boating, biking, and hiking in the amazing landscape that surrounds Sequim. 

The low cost of living and great housing prices attract buyers to Sequim but it’s the beautiful location and wonderful community that wins them over. Discover this piece of heaven on our gorgeous corner of the Olympic Pennisula. Contact our knowledgeable brokers at Schwab Realty and start looking for your ideal home in Sequim.