5 Great Reasons to Move from Seattle to Sequim WA

View of an idyllic lavender farm on a sunny day why people move from Seattle to SequimWhen listing all the great reasons to relocate from Seattle to Sequim, of course the cost of living comes to mind first. However, there are so many more benefits to moving from Seattle to Sequim than just money. For those looking to leave the stress and crowds of the city behind, Sequim offers the beauty and wide open space of a stunning landscape. In addition to gorgeous mountain and water views, the more affordable homes also mean more personal space. Also access to the Olympic Peninsula state parks offers amazing hiking opportunities in magical rainforests, along crashing waterfall trails and the rugged Washington coastline. Yet, Sequim has plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities within the town itself. Sequim residents enjoy a wealth of local activities such as hiking, biking, boating, golf and aviation. 

Another big reason many relocate from Seattle to Sequim is the ideal weather. Sequim is significantly drier and sunnier than the Seattle area, so the outdoors can be enjoyed year-round. While Sequim’s landscape is breathtaking, its lively downtown also has amazing restaurants, gourmet coffee bars and pubs. This in addition to dozens of fascinating festivals through-out the year makes Sequim an exciting place to live. Are your ready to make the move from Seattle to Sequim yet? Contact our amazing team of knowledgeable brokers at Schwab Realty to find your new home on our corner of paradise of the Olympic Peninsula.

Amazing Benefits of moving from Seattle to Sequim

  1. Better Cost of Living – It’s no secret that living in Seattle is expensive, especially buying a home in the city. View out to Dungeness Spit with trees framing the view , covered with driftwood on the coast of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington the Strait of Juan de Fuca another reason to move from Seattle to SequimWhen you move from Seattle to Sequim you’ll leave behind a cost of living that’s 55% more expensive. While the cost of housing in Seattle is a whopping 95% more than living in Sequim. Even the local sales tax in Sequim (8.5%) comes in under Seattle’s 10.1%. With reasonable home prices living well in Sequim is attainable for retirees and young families alike.
  2. Wide open Space – Leave the stress and crush of the city behind but still enjoy great restaurants, fun festivals, and the arts when moving to Sequim. Not only can you enjoy a larger house with a big yard, Sequim is surrounded by shimmering open waters, lush valleys full of local farms and endless bike rides on the Olympic Discovery Trail. Enjoy each day living here with wide open blue skies and the snow capped peaks of the Olympic Mountains.
  3. A Gorgeous Setting and Views – Sequim has a unique location that includes not only amazing water views, but stunning mountains, serene valleys and old growth forests. You can walk the impressive Dungeness Spit in Sequim while also taking in views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the distant Olympic Mountains, and even spot some local wildlife. There’s always a breath-taking view when hiking, biking, or kayaking in and around Sequim. 
  4. Unlimited Outdoor Activities – The diverse and beautiful landscape around Sequim makes any outdoor activity available to locals. The mountains offer great hiking to sweeping vistas and wonderful skiing and snowshoeing in the winter months. While the miles of coastline offer kayaking, fishing and whale watching opportunities as well. Residents also enjoy biking, golfing, birdwatching, and aviation. When you move from Seattle to Sequim you can enjoy these activities year-round because of Sequim’s location within the Olympic Rain Shadow. This creates drier weather and mild winters. Sequim’s annual rainfall comes in under 16 inches while Seattle experiences an average of 38 inches. Kayaking in Pacific Ocean with scenic view of snow capped mountains in Olympic Peninsula and benefit to moving from from Seattle to Sequim
  5. A Wonderful Community – Even though Sequim has small-town charm it also has a surprising number of excellent restaurants. Its downtown offers romantic dining, international cuisine, gourmet coffee bars, pubs and a lively wine bar. Community events such as First Friday Art Walks, the seasonal Farmers Market, and holiday traditions bring everyone together. Not to mention all the fun festivals through-out the year. By far the best known one is the very popular Lavender Festival that brings thousands of visitors each year. However there are also festivals for birders, music lovers, aviation enthusiasts, wine and beer connoisseurs, just to name a few.

Sequim, known for its perfect weather and purple valleys filled with lavender farms is and idyllic location on the Olympic Peninsula. Who would not want to live in a town nicknamed the Provence of the Pacific Northwest? When you’re ready to make your move from Seattle to Sequim contact the experts of the area at Schwab Realty.