Why is Sequim Weather the Best in Washington?

Olympic Mountain Range on a sunny day that creates the great Sequim WeatherThe ideal Sequim weather tops the long list of reasons why so many decide to move to this beautiful location on the Olympic Peninsula. When looking at the state of Washington’s “comfort index” for weather, Sequim scores a very high 7.2 out of 10. This is not surprising since the average annual rainfall for Sequim hovers at 15 inches. This low rainfall is about the same as Los Angeles, California, but without the oppressive heat. In fact, the temperatures in Sequim stay mild, especially in summer. The high in July is around 70 degrees and August and September are also very pleasant months in Sequim.

The area’s topography explains the wonderful Sequim weather conditions. Nestled along the Dungeness River near the base of the Olympic Mountains with the Straits of Juan de Fuca along the coastline. This location places Sequim in the sweet spot called the Olympic Rain Shadow. Surrounded by some of the wettest temperate rainforests in Washington state, Sequim has earned the title of the “Blue Hole.”

Sequim residents love that they can enjoy all the great outdoor activities the region has to offer year-round. Go hiking, biking, running, golfing and kayaking, even in the winter months when living in Sequim. Come out to visit this charming town and experience the amazing Sequim weather your self. Contact our friendly brokers at Schwab Realty and let’s find your new dream home in sunny Sequim.

3 Reasons Sequim Weather is so Amazing

  1. Low Humidity and Mild Temperatures – The cooler airView out to Dungeness Spit with trees framing the view , covered with driftwood during the sunny Sequim Weather and breezes from the Straits of Juan de Fuca along the coastline keeps the Sequim temperature mild even in the summer months. This also adds more moisture to the air than expected in such a sunny, dry location. However this added humidity does not affect the comfort level of Sequim weather. As long as the dew point is low enough the perspiration will evaporate from the skin. The perceived humidity level in Sequim stays consistent and pretty close to 0% all year. This overall effect is called an oceanic climate and makes for cool and comfortable summers. It also means very little snowfall. However Sequim residents can always visit the snow for skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing at Hurricane Ridge.
  2. More Sunny Days – We know that Sequim sits squarely within the Olympic Rain Shadow but how much sunnier is the weather? Comparing the number of sunny days in Sequim to Seattle actually demonstrated a huge difference. Sunshine during the summers in the rain shadow were nearly equal to Seattle. However, Sequim saw 5 times more sunny days than Seattle in winter. While, soggy Seattle springs has nothing like the almost 8 days a month of sunshine that Sequim enjoyed!
  3. Less Rainfall – Sequim experiences less rainfall than surrounding Washington areas outside of the rain shadow. But what is the Olympic Rain Shadow exactly and how does it work? The key is Sequim’s location in relation to the Pacific Ocean and the Olympic Mountains. Weather patterns carrying moisture form over the ocean and move from the south and west. However, before reaching Sequim, Kayaking person at sunset on the Straits of Juan de Fuca enjoy the perfect Sequim Weatherthe moisture-laden air is blocked by the Olympic Mountains. This air is forced up and cools, making the moist air expand and creates precipitation over the mountains in the form of rain or snow. Once this air has moved over the peaks it’s lost most of its moisture. As the air descends and warms up, it cannot form clouds or rain. This dryer, sunnier climate is known as the rain shadow effect.

Not only does the landscape create the idyllic Sequim weather but it also offers great views and recreation. This perfect combination of location and great year-round weather mean Sequim residence can enjoy all their favorite outdoor activities even during the winter months. Explore sunny Sequim and let us help you find your next home in this wonderful town! Contact our knowledgeable brokers at Schwab Realty today.