Practical Tips for Turning Your Garage Into a Rec Room

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There are many reasons to create a rec room at your home. It provides a space to host ping pong tournaments or get the family together for movie marathons, and it gives your kids and their friends the perfect area for a sleepover, to name a few. But really, a rec room is simply what the name suggests: a room that facilitates many different kinds of recreational activities.

Technically, you can put a rec room anywhere in your home, but most people prefer it to be away from primary living areas. One popular method is to convert the garage into a rec room. While this process is usually not quick or easy, it can go smoothly if you plan ahead. If you’re considering turning your garage into a rec room, consider these tips to help get you started.

Factor in the Costs and Time

While it doesn’t cost as much time or money to convert a garage as it does to build a new structure of the same size, it still comes with its costs and takes time. And it’s not something you want to skimp on. You may need to raise the floor, put drywall and studs over the garage door, install windows and doors, and add insulation and HVAC. If you want an open floor plan, you will need to knock down the partition wall between your house and garage. All and all, you can expect the project to cost roughly $6,000 to $19,000 and take four to six weeks to complete.

Consider an Outbuilding

If you can’t afford to lose the storage space in your garage, don’t give up just yet. Consider having an outbuilding built. That way, you can store your tools and equipment in the outbuilding, opening up the space to turn your garage into a stellar rec room. And if you go this route, you can build a steel structure. Not only is steel more durable and quicker to build with, but it’s also a lot less expensive than using wood.

Declutter and Organize the Garage

When you’re preparing for your garage-to-rec-room project, you will need to do some serious decluttering. Go through all your belongings and determine what to keep, sell, donate, or throw away. If you still need to use the rec room for certain items, there are plenty of creative storage solutions, such as shelving, multipurpose furniture, and even storage closets.

Furnish the Space

Perhaps the most fun part about converting your garage into a rec room is furnishing it. Think about the overall atmosphere you want for the room, and start with the paint scheme. For instance, white can help the space feel bigger, blue can bring a sense of calm, and yellow can stimulate thought. Also, be sure to get the right kinds of furniture. Consider smaller pieces to help the room feel more spacious and/or multipurpose pieces to maximize storage.

Consider the Alternatives

If you have a basement, it can be converted for about the same price as converting a garage, and you won’t even need to sacrifice any parking spots. And if you can budget for it, you could always add some space above your garage, though this is typically a major project that can cost double what a conversion costs.

Converting your garage into a rec room is a great way to add some fun and relaxation to your home. Factor in the costs and time required to make sure it’s something you want to do, and think about having an outbuilding constructed to house your tools and equipment. Finally, be sure to thoroughly declutter and organize the garage, furnish the space like you envision it, and look into alternatives if converting your garage is not an option.

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