See Why Pilots Love Flying in Sequim

Small plane flying against a blue sky sunny day.If flying is your passion, then Sequim is the perfect setting for your next adventure. We have a wealth of natural beauty including: a sparkling coastline, expansive forests and the stunning Olympic Mountains. All these gorgeous sites can be enjoyed by hiking, biking and boating. But some Sequim residents know the best views are from high in the air. Not only is our scenery spectacular, we also have the perfect weather for flying. Afterall pilots gave Sequim its nickname the “Blue Hole”. Our dry weather consistently creates the favorable conditions needed for VFR approaches and this is why Sequim has become a destination for aviators. Here the freedom of flying is a way of life.

Sequim Airports and Flying Clubs

Sequim has a thriving flying community that includes eight private airports and heliports and also a very active public airport. The Sequim Valley Airport has been part of the neighborhood since 1983, and has a 3500-foot paved and lighted runway. This privately owned airport is open to the public and offers aircraft refueling, flight training and tie-downs are also available. In addition they host the Experimental Aircraft Association, a volunteer group of aviation enthusiasts. They hold monthly meetings at Sequim Valley Airport that are open to all and many include guest speakers. But most importantly they support Young Eagles flights, a program that introduces young people to aviation and fosters the next generation of pilots.

Other Flying Adventures

Hot Air Balloon flying against a blue skyLooking for some unique flying options? Then add piloting a hot-air balloon or a daring wing walk to your bucket list. Captain-Crystal and her friendly crew at Morning Star Balloon Co. provide one hour scenic flights from Sequim Valley Airport. Their guided tours include views of Hurricane Ridge, the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges and also Vancouver and San Juan Islands. Or you can learn to pilot a balloon yourself and try your hand at a gentle landing.

But maybe staying in the cockpit is not exciting enough. Consider wing walking at the Wing Walking Academy, where you’ll gain a new perspective balancing on the wing of a classic biplane. No experience is required!  They provide all the instruction needed for your first wing walk. Training and practice takes 4 to 5 hours, and the flight is about 25 minutes. During the flight, experience gentle aerobatic maneuvers like the hammer head, the roll, and the loop. And don’t forget to smile! Your walk will be recorded with photos and videos.

Come see why so many pilots make Sequim their home. Here, you will find many flying opportunities, fly-in/fly-out communities, and fellow sunset silhouette of biplaneaviation enthusiasts. When you retire in Sequim, your free time will be filled with excitement and adventure in our blue skies. Contact our friendly team of brokers, and we will help you find that perfect place.