5 Essential Hikes Near Sequim

Enjoy Hikes in the Olympic Mountains Near SequimSequim is nestled in the shadow of the majestic Olympic Mountains. As the temperatures rise, the snow begins to melt from the peaks and hiking season begins. The mountain meadows explode with wildflowers and the forest rivers rush with new, clear water. Summer is the perfect time to explore what these hikes have to offer.  Many of the best hikes on the Olympic Peninsula are an easy drive from Sequim.

Sequim has an abundance of natural beauty, easily hiked from its doorstep. These local hikes can be found in our previous blog posts: Bike the Olympic Discovery Trail and Hike the Dungeness Spit . However, if you’re looking for more adventure with stunning views, here are 5 hikes that may tempt you.

Hikes Near Sequim with Stunning Views

  1. Rain Shadow Loop Trail  – This trail is a 1 hour drive from Sequim and only a .5 mile hike round trip. It’s a short but steep journey with a stunning 360 degree view at the summit of Blue Mountain. Here you will take in views of the Cascades, Vancouver Island and the Strait of Juan De Fuca. In addition to sweeping mountain views you will pass meadows full of wildflowers, so be sure to bring a camera.
  2. Slab Camp Creek and Grey Wolf River – Want to get away from the crowds and take a serene forest hike? A 30 minute drive will get you to this 5.5 miles round trip hike. In the late Spring the Beautiful mountain wildflowers on Hikes in the Olympic Mountainsrhododendrons are in full bloom, but in summer it’s the wildflowers that put on a show. Take your leashed pup along the beautiful Grey Wolf River that has an impressive bridge crossing it. Enjoy your lunch break at Slab Camp and lose yourself in the peaceful surroundings.
  3. Upper Dungeness River – The trailhead for this 6.8 mile round trip hike is a little over an hour’s drive from Sequim, and a Northwest Forest Pass is required. Take the family, including Sequim Hikes take you to the Dungeness Riveryour pooch, hiking through this old growth Douglas Fir forest. The path can be steep at times, but mostly it’s a gentle climb. The hike parallels the Dungeness River and crosses it on a rustic log bridge that was repaired in June. Stop at Camp Handy for lunch.  If you have the energy and he time, the Royal Lake extension is worth a look.
  4. Lower Grey Wolf River – This longer hike (8.4 miles round trip) is only a 30 minute drive from Sequim, and there is no entry fee. While this is a long hike it’s not a strenuous one, and therefore good for kids. Again, there are lovely wildflowers to enjoy, but the beautiful brilliant blue river is the highlight. Take in the rushing sounds of water and bird songs from the forest canopy. When heading back many hikers take the Cat Creek Loop.
  5. Deer Ridge Trail  – This trail is only a 30 minute drive from Sequim and has no entry fees. It’s a 9.8 mile roundtrip hike, and recommended for experienced hikers. While the trail begins with a gentle climb it quickly steepens after 1.5 miles. Be sure to pack plenty of water, as there is no place to refill on the trail. AEnjoy the best Hikes in the Olympic Mountains,t 2.7 miles in, you’ll find the Phil Hall commemorative bench, named after a longtime trail volunteer and Sequim resident. He is honored with a stunning view of the Gray Wolf Valley from his memorial, making this a perfect rest stop. As the path continues you will enter Olympic National Park, so best to leave your dog-friends home for this hike. Your efforts will be rewarded with astonishing views of the Olympic and Cascade mountains. While taking in these extraordinary views you will be surrounded by an array of wildflowers.

This is a small taste of the breathtaking hikes near Sequim, and there are dozens more that merit the journey. So if hiking is your passion, consider making Sequim your home and your permanent base camp. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable agents, they can help you find that perfect place.