Celebrate at the Irrigation Festival in Sequim

Irrigation Festival in SequimIt’s time again for the annual Irrigation Festival in Sequim, which is the oldest running festival in the entire state of Washington.  This year marks the 122nd celebration!  Sequim may now seem like a thriving tourist destination, with it’s incredible Lavender Fields, frequently dry, sunny weather, and easy access to some of the Pacific Northwests most popular attractions.  That wasn’t always the case, though.  The irrigation Festival serves as a wonderful reminder of Sequim’s past.  More specifically of it’s generally dry and arid past, long before the days of irrigated fields and abundant farm land.

Sequim’s Irrigation Festival

If it seems odd to talk about the importance of Irrigation to a little town on the Olympic Peninsula, known for it’s abundant rains and rain forests, it’s not. In fact, the low levels of rainfall and consistent sunshine, which are a popular to live in Sequim today, made farming and life in general difficult for Sequim’s early settlers.  Pioneer life changed in a big way in 1896, when the first irrigation ditches were developed, allowing the raging waters of the Irrigation Festival in SequimDungeness River to irrigate much of the valley.  This now abundant source of water allowed the valley to flourish into what we know today.  To mark this momentous transformation of the Dungeness Valley, the Irrigation Festival was born, and continues to this day.

This year, the Festival runs from May 5 – 14th, 2017.  Events include:

The Irrigation Festival is just one small example of how community-oriented the town of Sequim is.  It’s truly a wonderful place to live, and part of why being a real estate agent in such a friendly community is an extraordinary honor.  Come celebrate with us this May, and you’ll quickly see why this spectacular festival has been named the “Best Small Town Event“.