Moving to Sequim in the New Year

Moving to Sequim in the New YearWhether you’ve been wanting to move to Sequim for a long time, or whether this charming little town on the Olympic Peninsula is new to your relocation radar, we can think of several reasons that moving here should be at the top of your list of things to accomplish in 2017.  Whatever your reason is for moving, our Real Estate Agents are here to help.  Whether you want to move for the better weather found in Sequim, the crisp, fresh air of the Pacific Northwest, to escape the rapidly rising costs of housing in places like California, Portland, and Seattle, the retirement and family-friendly community,  or the amazing small town feel with big-city amenities, we know you’re going to love it here.  Even if you just come here for the incredible beauty, Sequim is the perfect place to make a fresh start in 2017. Browse through our local listings, then contact us to get your move started today.

Moving to Sequim

It’s impossible not to live in awe of the majestic beauty offered by the Olympic Mountains.  The peaks, glistening high above the sea on a sunny day, are one of the many highlights of living in Sequim.  No matter how many years you live here, these moments never fail to take your breath away.  But, beauty aside, there are many incredible reasons to move to Sequim this year. Here are the top reasons cited by our clientele:

  1. The weather in Sequim is unbeatable.  The rainy, dreary days of a Seattle Winter have the reputation of being less than pleasant.  Though it’s only 2 hours away from us, we can assure you Sequim is no Seattle.  It’s a different world up here, filled with dry sunny days, nestled into what many call the “blue hole,” because it’s located in the rainshadow of the Olympics.  On average, Sequim gets about 16 inches of rainfall each year, which is about the same as that in Los Angeles.
  2. Moving to Sequim in 2017Speaking of Los Angeles, there’s nothing quite like taking a deep breath of fresh, crisp air in Sequim after years of breathing in the smog-filled air of California.  Sequim is home to some of the cleanest and freshest air around, and it’s hard to argue with leaving smog-filled cities in favor of the pristine Olympic Peninsula.
  3. There’s a wonderful family presence in Sequim, and an active and flourishing retirement community, with many communities and community services oriented towards making retirement in Sequim nothing short of spectacular.  Spend an afternoon shopping in downtown Sequim’s many locally owned boutique shops, catch a live theatre performance at Olympic Theatre Arts, or enjoy a delicious meal at one of Sequim’s many restaurants.  Local farms and artisans produce amazing goods throughout the year, and Sequim of course is home to the annual Irrigation Festival and the Lavender Festival, which has become the nation’s premier lavender celebration.
  4. Sequim is still an attractive and affordable market for many families and retirees.  With the median price being $277,434, and a tremendous variety of community amenities, including medical care and services, Sequim is an ideal community for retired and active adults.
  5. Year-round outdoor recreation keeps our residents busy and happy. Between the straights of Juan de Fuca, the Olympic Mountains, and the Washington Coast not too far away, there are endless ways in which to explore the beautiful outdoors.  And, since Sequim is a relatively moderate and dry climate, the outdoors can be enjoyed throughout all four seasons of the year.  There’s no reason to huddle indoors during the winter months, and the summers are spectacular.

By now, you probably can’t wait to move to Sequim! Start browsing through our Sequim Real Estate today, and you’ll soon see why this charming town has such a big reputation.  When you’re ready, contact our experienced Real Estate Agents.