3 Reasons to Move to Sequim

Move to Sequim, WashingtonAs we near the end of 2016, it’s the time of year where we start reflecting on our journey, and on changes we may want to make in the upcoming year.  Perhaps it’s time to look a little deeper into how great your life could be if you join us in the charming town of Sequim.  According to a variety of articles and recent transplants to Sequim, there are many significant reasons behind their decision to move to Sequim.  The obvious one that most people talk about is weather, and the infamous “blue hole” in which Sequim resides. While that is certainly fantastic and an important part to life here, it’s not the only reason to consider a move to Sequim.  As you get ready to make this decision, contact our knowledgeable real estate agents.  We have over 30 years of experience in the Sequim real estate market, and can help guide you through the entire process.  

Making the Move to Sequim

We could talk for hours about how great it is to live in Sequim, but to keep our points short and sweet, here are 3 of the top reasons for choosing to purchase real estate in Sequim:

  • Move to Sequim, enjoy the Lavender FarmsAffordable Cost of Living:  As Real Estate Agents, we see a lot of clientele moving up here from the California market. Both the housing market in Sequim and the relative affordability of Sequim Utilities make this an excellent opportunity to exit the increasingly fierce competition facing many California markets.
  • Weather:  Many recent transplants to Sequim have come in large part due to the weather.  Though the average temperature is a bit lower than warm-climates like California and Arizona, the sunny days are just as plentiful.  Sequim’s location in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains brings its residents a dry, temperate climate that can be enjoyed throughout the entire year, without the devastating effects of droughts happening in places like California, Nevada, Arizona and other southern states.
  • Year-Round Access to the Outdoors:  With Mother Natures abundance on the Olympic Peninsula, there is never a shortage of things to see and do. From the bays, rivers, and lakes to the towering mountains behind us, recreational opportunities abound no matter what the time of year.

The categories above are broad, and don’t include things like quality schools, access to some of the Olympic Peninsula’s best medical facilities, a steady and growing economy, lower taxes compared with certain states and no income taxes, and a burgeoning and active retirement community.  Add to this list high quality restaurants and shops, and a growing artisan and farm community.  There are so many incredible reasons to relocate to the beautiful town of Sequim.  We can’t possibly begin to list them all.  Come see what Sunset Magazine calls one of the Best Unsung Beach Towns for yourself. Contact our Sequim Real Estate Agents today.