Enjoy the Summer Weather in Sequim

Summer Weather in Sequim, WashingtonWinters are pretty mild in Sequim, but the summer weather is simply spectacular. As we enter into the hottest days of the year for many cities around the country, it’s easy to see why so many people love the summer weather in Sequim.  Sure, it gets hot here, too.  But by hot, we mean in the low to upper 70’s, and occasionally the 80’s. We don’t mean it gets into the 90’s or above, and we certainly don’t experience the smothering humidity that the East Coast does. High temperatures have been known to happen, but certainly not on a regular basis.  On the whole, the weather in Sequim is mild, enjoyable, and perfect for enjoying the stunning Olympic Peninsula. No matter whether you’re moving here for the weather or the community, our Sequim Real Estate Brokers will help every step of the way.  Contact us today.   

Why is Summer Weather Important?

The Olympic Peninsula is best know for the rugged mountain trails and sparkling blue waters of the Straits of Juan de Fuca. Outdoor recreation, for many, is considered a way of life and a privilege of living in this stunning corner of the world.  However, without our mild and relatively dry winters, and our sunny but mild summers, it would be a lot harder to get outside and enjoy everything we have.  Combine Sequim’s perfect summer weather with the quaint, small town vibe, the clean fresh air that the Northwest is known for, and the top-notch community amenities, and you have the recipe for a spectacular relocation.  There are plenty of sunny days left this year. Try one of these popular activities to get you started:

Sequim is a delightful place to be at any time of year, but it’s hard to beat the blue skies of summer. The mild weather means more days spent outside exploring and relishing in the scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest. The more you learn about Sequim, the more you’ll love it here.  Contact our Real Estate agents today, and come enjoy the last part of summer with us in Sequim!