Best Sequim Lavender Farms to Visit

Sequim Lavender FarmsWarm weather definitely came to the Pacific Northwest early this year.  Since May, Sequim has enjoyed a great many warm and sunny days, which has been great for the Sequim Lavender Farmers. Sequim, hailed as the lavender capital of North America, has an unusual concentration of lavender farms.  The success of the regions lavender farms is due to the unusual microclimate enjoyed here, especially when compared with the rest of the often-rainy Pacific Northwest.  In fact, Sequim’s weather is reminiscent of the arid warmth found in France’s Provence region. Come visit this charming little town this summer, and discover the unbeatable beauty of Sequim’s lavender fields.

Sequim Lavender Farms to Visit

2016 will be the 20th annual Sequim Lavender Festival, which is the largest of its kind in North America.  As always, the Lavender Festival happens during the 3rd weekend in July, and is the best opportunity to explore your favorite farms. During the Lavender Festival weekend, visitors will enjoy a lively street fair, tours of area lavender farms, and a host of fun community events.  Farm tours are the most popular aspect of this exciting weekend, for obvious reasons.   This year, there are several farms offering free tours to Festival-goers.  They include:

There are also several of the areas larger Lavender Farms offering tours for a small admission fee.  These include:

Interesting Uses for Sequim Lavender

Since the Lavender season is here and we’re beginning to find the beautiful purple buds in stores and markets all over town, we figured it’d be fun to offer up a few ideas to use any Lavender you may have decided to take home with you. Creative uses for your Sequim Lavender include:

  • Keeping Moths out of your closet with lavender sachets or essential oils
  • Make fragrant wreaths for relaxing aromatherapy
  • Sanitize your hands with lavender oil’s antibacterial properties
  • Restore contaminated lands and soils with lavender plants
  • Make Lavender Lemonade
  • Bake lemon-lavender cookies, cakes, or muffins with fresh lavender buds
  • Take an aromatherapy bath with lavender essential oils or lavender-infused bath salts
  • Get a better night’s sleep with the soothing scent of lavender

It’s not unusual for people to fall in love with Sequim when they visit for the Lavender Festival.  If you feel the undeniable pull to pack up and move to Sequim after experiencing this charming town, give one of our experienced Sequim Real Estate Agents a call. We’re happy to help you move to the best town on the Olympic Peninsula.