Sequim Real Estate is Looking Up

Sequim Real EstateWhether you’ve been planning to move to Sequim for some time, or maybe you’re just coming around to the possibility, now is a great time to take those first steps towards making it a reality.  It doesn’t matter what draws you in. Whether you decide to live here because of the mild and agreeable weather, the fresh clean air and environment, the relative affordability when compared with places like California, Portland, or even Seattle, the small and close-knit community, or the world-class opportunities for outdoor recreation, we know you’re going to love it here.  Even if you just come here for the beautiful vistas, it’s no secret that Sequim is the perfect place to live.  The real estate market in Sequim is picking up as we head into spring, and our experienced real estate agents are ready to help you start your next chapter in Sequim.  Take those first steps, and browse through our Sequim real estate listings today.

Sequim Real Estate Market

It’s impossible not to live in awe of the Olympic Mountains, especially when you see them glistening high above the sea on a cold but sunny winter day. These moments will never fail to take your breath away when you make Sequim your home. Over the last 12 months, the Sequim’s real estate market has been gaining in strength, which means home prices are starting to surge and inventory is starting to dwindle.  With a median home value of $277,434, Sequim still has a variety of affordably priced homes.  Sequim’s gaining popularity as a retirement destination and wonderful family-friendly town will soon change that.

Sequim Real EstateWe could go on and on about the beautiful attributes that make Sequim such a desirable community to live in, but there are more reasons to live here than just good weather and astonishing beauty.  Sequim’s community itself is vibrant, growing, and incredibly retirement-friendly.  We have easy access to top-notch medical doctors and care facilities, a great number of independent living neighborhoods for active adults, and we have a festive and active community with a variety of great shopping, arts, and culture.

As you begin to explore options for your new home, Sequim is definitely a town you don’t want to overlook. By now, you probably can’t wait to relocate to Sequim, and we haven’t even started talking about the abundant things there are to do and see yet! Start browsing through our Sequim Real Estate today, and you’ll soon see why this charming town has such a big reputation.