The Olympic Game Farm Charms Visitors

Olympic Game FarmPerhaps you are new to the Sequim area, or you are just beginning your home search, and now you want to know what exciting amenities Sequim has in store for you.  Well, there’s one that is truly unique, and is fun to visit no matter your age.  Have you ever seen a bear wave to you?  Or been up close and personal with a buffalo’s tongue?  If you haven’t then it’s clear that you’ve yet to visit the charming Olympic Game Farm in Sequim.  It’s the perfect outing if you’re looking for something to do with young children or friends from out of town.  The Olympic Game Farm has been a staple on the Peninsula for over 40 years, and prides itself on providing opportunities for visitors to learn and observe wildlife.  We guarantee you will all leave with plenty of stories to be told for generations.

Olympic Game Farm

The Olympic Game Farm is home to a broad collection of wild animals.  The Northwest staple originally started as a fun project for local Lloyd Beebe, a former logger who used to spend much of his spare time filming wild animals and sharing his passion with others.  Eventually, he started taking in orphaned wild animals.  As his operation grew, he even caught the attention of Walt Disney Studios, which is how some of his famous animals became movie stars.  Animals from the Olympic Game Farm starred in productions such as “Charlie the Lonesome Cougar,” “The Incredible Journey,” “White Wilderness,” and “Grizzly Adams” during their 28 year partnership. Today, the focus of the Olympic Game Farm isn’t about filming, but instead is about caring for the needs of these captive-bred wild animals.

Olympic Game FarmOn the Game Farm itself, you’ll find over 70 acres filled with a variety of beautiful animals. Crowd favorites along the drive tour are of course the waving bears, who love to wave for food rewards, and the buffalo, who, if you aren’t careful, will happily stick their head in your window for a taste of yummy bread.  Their slimy tongue and atrocious breath is an experience for the ages.  Other animals that you’ll find along your journey are zebras, a Siberian Tiger, prairie dogs, elk, yaks, emu, deer, and more.  You can also forgo the car experience for a mini-tour of the petting farm, a freshwater aquarium, an education area, as well as a tour of the historical studio barn, which has numerous classic movie props and memorabilia from the Disney days.

It’s hard not to be intrigued by the charms of the Olmypic Game Farm.  If you haven’t yet found your dream home, keep checking our new listings for Sequim Real Estate.  In the meantime, take a break and enjoy the Olympic Game Farm. Wave hello to the bears for us when you pass through!