Redefining Winter on the Olympic Peninsula

Winter Activities SequimDid you know that even in the middle of winter, spending time at the beach is not only possible, but popular on the Olympic Peninsula?  It’s just another one of the many great aspects about life here in the Pacific Northwest.  By in large, the winter stays in the mountains, and the rest of us enjoy the relatively mild weather and the always-accessible outdoors down here at sea-level.  In just a few minutes from any location in Sequim, you can be on the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, enjoying the scenery and its many inhabitants.  If you’re willing to explore further, drive a couple of hours west and find the incredible scenery and perfect solitude along any of the ocean beaches.  Second Beach in La Push, Kalaloch and Ruby Beach, and Shi Shi Beach are particular favorites.

A Winter in Sequim

Truthfully, a winter in Sequim isn’t all that different than the rest of the year. Sure, the temperatures are a little colder, and we certainly will get more rain.  Despite that, you’ll still find plenty of people out and about during the winter months, enjoying the abundant nature that surrounds us on the Olympic Peninsula.  To those that haven’t grown up in the Pacific Northwest, it may seem odd to visit, let alone enjoy, a beach on a rainy or windy winter day.  We assure you, though, that there is still plenty to enjoy at places like the Dungeness Spit.  In fact, one could argue that stormy winds and weather actually make the beaches a more desirable destination for the day. Watching the waves pounding the beaches on the stormiest of days is awe inspiring.  Just be sure to bundle up!

Sequim WinterThe Olympic Discovery Trail is always a wonderful place for walking and bicycling.  If just the simple act of getting outside isn’t enough to lift your spirits, then the beautiful scenery of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Olympic Mountains, and the historic Railroad Bridge Park will surely do the trick. But what if you actually enjoy bundling up for those ever-popular snow laden activities?  Don’t fret! Winter activities are never far away from charming Sequim. You can read all about those snowy winter activities on our previous blog.

We’ve focused heavily on the fact that you can indeed get outside and enjoy everything Sequim has to offer you during the winter, but we assure you there are just as many good reasons to stay inside.  You’ll just have to move here, and find out for yourself just how wonderful Sequim is.  Search through our Sequim Real Estate, and let us  help you find your dream home today.