Plan For Retirement in Sunny Sequim

Sequim Washington RetirementWhether you’re planning to retire by the end of the year, sometime next year, or even several years from now, choosing the perfect place to spend your retirement years is an important consideration.  Sequim has been consistently ranked as one of the West’s best places to retire.  To those of us familiar with Sequim’s abundant beauty and small-town charm, that comes as no surprise. However, if you’ve never heard of our charming little town on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, now is a great time to discover why this is the perfect retirement town. From the high number of active older adults and affordably priced homes, to its temperate climate and abundant opportunities for recreation, Sequim is the ideal retirement community. Whether you’re coming from Alaska, California, or somewhere east of here, spend a few days in Sequim and feel the charm that makes this sunny little town so alluring, then start planning for tomorrow by browsing through our Sequim Real Estate.

Retirement Community

Though the ideal retirement community looks different for everyone, there are some basic commonalities we all look for when it comes to finding that perfect place to spend our golden years.  Weather is often an important consideration in relocating to a new home, and Sequim won’t disappoint. Located in the rain shadow of the Olympic Peninsula, Sequim enjoys more dry and sunny days than other western Washington communities.  To make Sequim’s temperate weather so much more enjoyable is the fact that you’d be living in the clean and pristine environment that the Pacific Northwest is known for.  Clean air in the skies above, the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the north, and the stunning Olympic Mountains to the south and west all make Sequim’s location unbeatable.  In just minutes you can be up in the mountains hiking, biking and enjoying the views, or out on the water fishing, crabbing, or kayaking in complete peace.

Sequim Washington RetirementWe could go on and on about the beautiful attributes that make Sequim such a desireable community to live in, but there are more reasons to live here than just good weather and astonishing beauty.  Sequim’s community itself is vibrant, growing, and incredibly retirement-friendly.  We have easy access to top-notch medical doctors and care facilities, a great number of independent living neighborhoods for active adults, and a festive and active community filled with a variety of great shopping, arts, culture, and festivals to keep you moving throughout the year.  As you begin to explore options for your retirement, Sequim is definitely a town you don’t want to overlook. Start browsing through our Sequim Real Estate today, and you’ll soon see why this charming town has such a big reputation.