A Simple Guide to Berry Picking at Graysmarsh Farm

Sequim is a quaint sunny town in Western Washington that’s great to visit or live in. From the fine weather and alluring attractions (think the Olympic Mountains, coastline, and Dungeness spit) to its fresh air and spectacular landscape, this stunning gem has so much to offer.  Each summer, we love gathering at local farms like Graysmarsh Farm for berry picking – it’s a time-honored tradition in the Pacific Northwest!

Outdoor enthusiasts are spoiled throughout the year here, too.  There are endless activities to engage in such as kayaking, biking, whale watching, hiking, fishing, flying, and golfing. Interested in making berry picking a yearly part of your life?  All you have to do is move to Sequim!  It’s an incredible place to live.  All you need to do is reach out to wonderful Sequim real estate agents for more information! Continue Reading

Visit Sequim Bay State Park This Summer

Sequim, located on the Olympic Peninsula about 2 hours west of Seattle, offers unparalleled mountain views and a wide variety of landscapes and animal life to enjoy.  It’s also the home of Sequim Bay State Park, which is a wonderful place to camp or stay for a few days while you explore this charming corner of the world.

Sequim is nestled near the foot of the Olympic Mountains and Olympic National Forest and makes for the perfect getaway for outdoor adventurers. It’s also just minutes from the sparkling blue waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, so perfect for fishermen, boaters, and water lovers of all types.  At Sequim Bay State Park, you can truly enjoy the best of all worlds – and it’s all just minutes from the charming downtown of Sequim, which offers weary travelers a home-town feel when they’re not traversing the trails.

Come experience the fresh air of the Olympic Peninsula this summer.  Once you’re here, you may never want to go back – and we can help with that, of course! Continue Reading

Shop Local at Sunny Farms in Sequim

Sequim is a beautiful, sunny city on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.  The area is full of natural beauty and small-town charm. Anyone who is an outdoor enthusiast will feel right at home in this quaint little town, which is nestled between the sparkling waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the majestic Olympic Mountains. Sequim is well-known for its beautiful lavender fields and an active arts community. The diverse culture comes from Sequim’s location in the beautiful Sequim-Dungeness Valley, which is located on the tip of the Olympic Peninsula.

If you love nature and diverse culture, then Sequim is just the place for you. Now is the perfect time to move to the Sequim area as home values are up about 10% in value in the latest year-over-year reports. If you want to invest in a home that is quickly appreciating in value, please feel free to contact us at Schwab Realty for further assistance. Continue Reading

Spend a Day Birdwatching at the Dungeness Spit

One very cool natural wonder just outside the boundary of Sequim, Washington is the Dungeness Spit. It’s 5.5 miles of sandy land stretching into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. In fact, it’s the longest natural sand-spit in the United States. This land is also known as the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, which is home to more than 250 bird species, as well as numerous land and marine mammals. Wildlife thrives here, so it’s a particularly incredible place for birdwatching and nature-gazing.

The Dungeness Spit is just under 15 minutes drive from downtown Sequim. If you’re looking to move away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and be closer to nature, Sequim and the surrounding areas might be the best place to start your house hunt. Schwab Realty is based in Sequim, but we’re also very familiar with the area around the Dungeness Spit and all along the Olympic Peninsula.

On your visit out to this Northwest corner of Washington State, birdwatching at the Dungeness Spit is a lovely way to become familiar with the beauty of the beaches and climate here. This upcoming Spring and Summer are the best months for clear skies and active birding at the Dungeness Spit. Get in touch with one of our amazing agents today to start planning your next move!  Continue Reading

Biking the Olympic Discovery Trail & More in Sequim

The Olympic Discovery Trail is 130-mile expanse that cuts through some of the most beautiful parts of the Northwest. One of the stops along the way is our charming little town Sequim in Washington state. In fact, for the more novice bikers there’s a strip of the Olympic Discovery Trail that’s 26 miles of almost completely paved roads starting at Blyn, WA heading towards Sequim and then continues out to our neighboring town of Port Angeles.

Biking the Olympic Discovery Trail should be on the bucket list for any cycle enthusiast. Due to it’s maintained trails and bridge structures, it’s also actually quite a great place for those who are new to biking. This corner of Washington State is quintessential Northwest with temperate rainforests, coastal and mountain views and lots of space for outdoor recreation—biking, hiking, beach-combing and boating are popular outings here.

Luckily, due to Sequim’s location in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, this area averages less rain fall per year (only 16 inches), which is the same as Los Angeles, CA! It just so happens to also be the perfect climate for fragrant fields of lavender, creating seas of purple and a big draw for visitors around the globe. If you’d like to learn more about real estate options in Sequim and the surrounding areas, contact one of our knowledgeable agents today!  Continue Reading

Landscaping Trends To Increase The Value Of Your Home

By Eugene Bryson

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Landscaping is to a house as a nice wardrobe is to a person. When done well, it creates a pleasing first impression and sends the message that you maintain the property inside and out. The trendiest landscaping will increase the value of your home.

A few DIY flower beds will add some charm for less than $100. According to LawnStarter, a landscape upgrade in Sequim could cost you as much as $3,000. New hardscaping can cost as much as $22,000. But the return on that investment could be as much as $38,000 when it comes time to sell.

While a dead or dying lawn isn’t a deal-breaker, it will affect the selling price of your home. Putting in new sod, or just overseeding your current lawn, is well worth the cost.

Here is how incorporating (and investing in) the latest landscaping trends could pay off weeks, months, or years from now when your home is sold.

Outdoor Living Space

If we’ve learned nothing else from COVID-19, we now understand how valuable it is to have outdoor places for socializing.

The wide-open ventilation system that is the outdoors wraps our conversations in fresh air, and gives us more room to spread out. Having a comfortable place to sit and visit and enjoy some food and drinks provides a safer option during seasons when contagious airborne illnesses are circulating.

A pleasant, comfortable outdoor space also can give us a nice place to work from home, or to have a little staycation.

A porch or patio with shade provides the foundation for an inviting outdoor setting. Start by deciding whether you want a raised deck built of wood or a more weatherproof material.

Concrete, brick, or stone hardscapes create a clean looking and level platform for outdoor furniture. If you want a more natural look, try different colored pea gravels with landscape curbing.

Fire, Water, and Light Features

Some of the most popular outdoor features today include fireplaces or fire pits, water fountains, small ponds, and lighting that gives trees and patios a resort-style appeal.

Fireplaces and fire pits provide heat in colder months. There are also options for cooking if you’d like to roast marshmallows and hot dogs, or bake pizzas outdoors.

Water can be as simple as a birdbath or as elaborate as a koi pond with a rock waterfall.

Keep in mind the maintenance factor: The more sophisticated the water feature, the more work it will require to keep it clean and working. High-maintenance features can lower the value of your home.

Lighting can involve a few strategically staked solar lights along a walkway. Stringed lights above the patio will allow you to enjoy the space late into the evening. Professionally positioned spotlights on timers will add drama to more mature trees.


If you’ve ever had to make your way across a poorly plotted flagstone path, or tried to wade through an overgrown lawn with your arms full, you know the benefit of level, clear cut walkways.

Not only do they make it safer and easier to get from Point A to Point B, but they add to the design of your landscape. Walkways with style and texture are a popular landscaping trend now.

Curved walkways bring a more interesting sense of design than straight lines. As with patios, there is a variety of material you can use, including brick, stone, concrete, pavers, and gravel.

Sprinkler System

Hand-watering flower beds or individual potted plants can be a meditative ritual that helps you keep up with pests and weeds, but having to hand-water an entire lawn takes too much time.

Landscaping trends today often are aimed at making it easier to get a golf course-like lawn and relaxing setting. That’s where sprinkler systems come in.

Today’s sprinkler systems can be programmed to efficiently water the different zones of your property. You also can add rain sensors so the sprinklers shut off when scheduled watering isn’t necessary. You’ll spend another $3,000 or so on automatic irrigation, but a good sprinkler system will save you time and money on the water bill.

Go Native

When considering ornamental plants, follow the lead of landscaping trendsetters and choose native plants such as bunchberry or kinnikinnick. These plants are adapted to the climate in Sequim and need very little maintenance.

This also goes for native trees like the red flowering currant and vine maple. They’ll add color to your landscape and attract local wildlife, including pollinating birds and bees.

Stop and Smell the Roses

Don’t feel you have to do everything all at once. Landscaping can be a work-in-progress that evolves. You want to invest in trendy upgrades that improve the value of your home, and more importantly in a pandemic, help you better enjoy spending time outside your home.

Eugene Bryson is a freelance writer and home inspector. As a Washington native, he roots for the Mariners to one day make it to the World Series.

10 Fantastic Things to do in Sequim This Spring

If you’re holding off on enjoying the many wonderful things to do in Sequim because you don’t think the weather is suitable, it’s time to rethink your position! A recent February snowstorm hit the Pacific Northwest, slowing things down for a day or two. But, per usual, Sequim was spared the brunt of the storm, and it is thanks to the Rainshadow effect of the Olympic Mountains that affords Sequim more sunny days than is typical in the (sometimes) dreary Pacific Northwest!

Take advantage of Sequim’s drier than usual spring, and get out and enjoy all of the great things to do in Sequim this spring.  From birdwatching, hiking, and biking, to kayaking and more, there’s never a shortage of things to do in this beautiful, small town. Not only is Sequim great to explore on its own, but it’s also well-located on the Olympic Peninsula and serves as the perfect jumping-off point from which to explore vast expanses of the Olympic Peninsula.

Sure – there are plenty of fun things to do in Sequim (year-round!).  But did you also know Sequim is a wonderful place to live and work? We’re seeing people move here in record numbers as the modern workforce changes and allows for more and more remote working opportunities. If you’re interested in the Sequim real estate market, it’s time to talk with our seasoned Sequim Real Estate Agents. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have as to what it’s like living and working in the area. We have decades of experience that you can put to good use. Contact one of our wonderful Realtors in Sequim today. Continue Reading